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If you are looking for a top-notch photography and virtual tour marketing professional for your project, property, business, or event, you have found the solution at Cherubini Studios.

Business owners who demand the finest photography, videography, virtual tours, floorplans, and marketing tools to showcase their properties, business or events online choose our virtual tour products and floorplan measurement services over the competition on a daily basis.  

As a virtual tour provider using the latest state-of-the-art technology from imaging systems masters such as Adobe, Apple, Canon, Nikon, Gary Fong, Nikkor, Sigma, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Tokina, Nodal Ninja and Real Tour Vision, we provide professional 360° home tours as well as 360° commercial tours in a timely fashion.

Call us today and one of our sales representatives will be happy to discuss our virtual tour capabilities, answer your virtual tour software and hardware questions, and make you feel comfortable about choosing the finest virtual tour company in the NY Tri-state area.

JC Cherubini

  • Cartographer
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Nilkon Pro


Other Cherubini Studios Services

Virtual Tour Zone Distribution Services

Virtual tour syndication just makes sense. You know that when you generate more exposure for your listings, they are likely to sell quicker and at a higher dollar value. Who has the time to re-enter a single real estate listing into hundreds of syndication and distribution systems? Most people do not and that is why [Your Company Name] has direct access to the PicturePath™ distribution portal through and (formerly Homestore Inc.). We are authorized to feed ANY real estate virtual tour with a valid MLS number to the websites listed below free of charge as long as the listing agent is a showcase member of applies a charge for each real estate virtual tour we send to these sites if the Realtor is a non-showcase member. The fee is waived if the Realtor is a showcase member with If you are not a showcase member and would like your virtual tour sent to, we apply a [Set fee] at the time of your tour order and your tour will instantly be send to and 90 other websites upon upload!! Yes 90 other sites!!

Over 90 other sites Approved Vendor

Full Screen High-Definition V-Slides: Our HD V-Slide is certainly first in class. It is built using the very latest flash based engine; it loads at impressively timely speeds, and displays full screen HD images with grace and elegance. With the ever growing demand for professional photography, the need to have those photos displayed in a uniquely impressive format has never been greater.

Our new HD V-slide is included when you place an order for any of our HD Interactive 360 tours. For those who prefer the V-Slide over the interactive 360 virtual tours, we also offer this new technology as a standalone service. Check out our pricing pages for more information.

We know you will love that our HD V-Slides offer many of the same features as our interactive 360 Virtual Tours.

All of our HD V-Slides:

  • Include up to 20 HD images for custom video slideshow presentation.
  • Are portable to your favorite social networking sites
  • Custom full screen HD V-Slide window
  • Company banner & logo
  • Agent picture, contact information
  • Link to V-Slide and Virtual Tour gallery enabled
  • Property description posted to V-slide
  • Social Bookmarking of V-Slide enabled
  • Offer weekly e-mail V-Slide traffic reports
  • Allow for posting of to TAAR MLS(s)
  • Allow for posting to
  • Posting of V-Slide to your website
  • Posting of V-Slide to company site
  • Email enabled for online sharing
  • Google Map and satellite view
  • MLS Data listed within V-Slide
  • FREE Unlimited text updates on tour
  • FREE virtual tour music enabled

Virtual Tour Zone Mobile Virtual Tours (Now Playing on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, More)

Our tours are 100% mobile ready! Get more reach than ever before as iPad, iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, and Android users view your listings on the go!

Scan the QR Code Below with your phone and see the power of our Mobile Virtual Tour!

Want more? Your weekly hit report will reveal how much mobile traffic you get!"


Our new formatting provides the mobile viewer with unparalleled control, a view of the entire screen and the site navigation menu. This technology requires minimum scrolling and has exclusive features that take advantage of mobile phone advancements such as SMS (TXT Connect), click to call, and QR codes.

The mobile tour is interactive for those with touch screens and allows users to scroll through the 360 panoramas and still images while enjoying an elegant fade from image to image. The technology has been enabled on both core products, the HD V-Slide and HD V-Tour, so all of our customers can enjoy these new developments.

Pano RiderVirtual Tour Zone PanoRiders: Add a little “pizazz” or “bling” to a real estate sign with a head-turning PanoRider™. The concept is simple, but VERY effective. Each PanoRider™ advertises the single property website URL with a high-quality panorama. The single property website for a virtual tour, on average, accounts for at least 45% of the hits. This tool is something every real estate agent should be implementing with their virtual tours, allowing them to turn street traffic into web traffic. $200


Virtual Tour Zone Property Specific Websites: Give your virtual tours a real presence on the web with an interactive site. These websites contain your full interactive virtual tour with enhanced listing features. $250

Over 90 other sitesVirtual Tour Zone Tour Discs: Give your clients something they will remember. Tour Discs are a unique marketing tool that is the perfect upgrade to your [Company Name] Virtual Tours! Available on CD or DVD, have [Company Name], create a custom disc of your virtual tour with a slideshow for distribution. Tour Discs are great for sales centers, open houses, investor opportunities, and much more. Leave your customers remembering what you have to offer by handing them out as a keepsake for your client and even as a business card!  $25.00

Standard DVD Disks: 6-Pack: $35                    12 Pack: $50

Deluxe DVD Gift Package: $50 -1 copy   Extra Copies - $20 each        6-Pack: $125
(Includes Property Photo Printed on the disk and one 5x7 print for the cover of the DVD Case)


Track Your Tour

Virtual Tour Zone Traffic Reporting: Hit statistic reports show not only where virtual tour views are coming from but they also display which scenes from within the 360 tours are being viewed the most. The new hit reporting system also allows [Your Company Name] to automatically send out weekly virtual tour reports to any email address! These weekly hit reports will keep everyone involved up to date and able to monitor where marketing dollars and efforts pay off the most. See your “Hit Stats” 24/7 by clicking on the RTV Logo at the bottom of your virtual tour!

Traffic ReportingTraffic Reporting

Virtual Tour Zone Virtual Staging

(As little as $99.00 Per Room!)


Virtual Home staging is frequently employed by homeowners and real estate agents to help show properties to their best advantage. A virtually staged home shows better than an empty home. As wonderful as traditional home staging is there are some drawbacks as well.

Sometimes the staging may give prospective buyers the impression that window treatments or other furnishings are included in the home. Home staging can also be quite expensive. The cost to rent furniture and other furnishings in a down market with extended sale times can really add up. Usually the professional services are pricey as well which makes our virtual home staging product even that much better!

This is where virtual home staging really shines. Virtual home staging is the process of taking digital photos of empty rooms and inserting digital furniture, window treatments, and other decorations.

The attributes of each property are enhanced by the staging, rather than showcasing the taste of the homeowner. Virtual home staging costs a fraction of a physical staging and is a great tool to help showcase the home to prospective buyers. Most people looking for a home search the internet first and having a beautifully decorated home captures the interest of buyers and motivates them to schedule a showing with a real estate agent. Photos of empty homes are not as impressive as a staged home and may not help a potential buyer make an emotional connection to the property.


Upgrade Your Floor Plan

Allows you to take our graph paper into the home with you, sketch out the home, fax it into Cherubini Studios Virtual Tour Zone Floorplan Masters, and we will e-mail your floor plan, which can be attached to your virtual tour. It’s really that easy!

2D & 3D Floorplans

2D Sketch and Fax Floor Plans

(You measure and we construct)

Up to 2000 s.f. [$99]
2001 to 3000 s.f. [$125]
3001 to 4000 s.f. [$150]
4001 to 5000 s.f. [$250]

Upgrade Your 2D Floor Plan

(Add Cost for Creating a 2D)

2D PicturePlus Plans: Make floor plans even more informative and compelling by using photographs. PicturePlus Plans bring properties to life and help viewers to visualize them more accurately. When the user places the mouse over a camera icon, a small photograph appears over the plan, illustrating the room pictured. [$50]

3D Floor Plans: Stunning, visually-appealing 3D floor plans allow home buyers to more easily visualize the design of the property. [$75]

3D Walk-throughs: With this stunning technology, a viewer can “walk through” a property on the web, as if they were there in person. High-quality computer generated videos let you experience a home and get a realistic feel for its size and layout. [$150]

Example of 3D Walk-through without Pictures

Example of 3D Walk-through with Pictures